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Side 1
Good Times
All Skate!
Over The Top
Legs of Steel

Side 2
Grown Folks Roll
Power Moves

TV Dads - All Skate!

  • Austin studio wizard and refiner of all things technical, TV DADS, flexes major muscle for his first cassette outing, "ALL SKATE!" In the artists own words, "All Skate! grew from a one-and-done single, to a short concept EP, and finally to an actual real life ALBUM. It is at once a tribute to day-glo 80's roller skating music and a farewell to my old buddy the Tascam Portastudio 424 mkll who got sick & died during the production of the album..." TV DADS, you've done us proud! Recorded at Claw's Castle in Austin Texas.

    Edition of 100 - artwork by: Ian McKinney
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