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  • L.A. denizen & midnight beat-blaster, MOOMAW, kept it mellow after 2015's best kept secret-The International Year of Light cassette (a split done with like-minded beat brother JJAAXXNN) and slid back into the darkest recesses of Highland Park to sculpt and glue ACIDJOCK420/ACEJEWELS69. Two mixes of shimmering side-long torrents that lay claim for late hour and A.M. encounters. The city is yours. The light is dripping all around you. All eyes are on you. Another face in the crowd. Another beat drops. The thump is hot gristle. The night is not so young, and MOOMAW's take on the crowd is that HEADS WILL DANCE. 50 pink pro-dubbed cassettes with o-cards designed by the artist himself. Recorded in the City of Angels, 2017.

    Edition of 50 - artwork by: MOOMAW & Josh Brunner
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